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2021 price movie

2021 price movie

Rise in price by ocean freight

Last Updated on June 1, 2021 by You Ling

2021 price movie

The past 2020 year is not easy for us, and 2021 is inflation of prices for the Global Market. 

If you wanna get a new price for piezoelectric ceramic, alumina ceramic, and zirconia ceramic for your project.

Please keep in touch with us. Today’s price is not yesterday’s price anymore!!!

Seeing, the film is still on ( as below:)

Movie Name:  Rise in Price

Director: Ocean King

Main Actors: For every big boat company. (Like MSK, MSC, EMC)

Extras actors: From every ocean port.

Release date: From the 2021 year

Displaced person:  Shipper and Consignee