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Advanced ceramic manufacturing

Advanced ceramic manufacturing

USA CoorsTek

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by You Ling

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On April 26, American engineering ceramics manufacturer CoorsTek announced further investment to expand its advanced ceramic manufacturing business in BENTON, Arkansas, to serve the expansion of the aerospace and defense markets. It also emphasized that the expansion of the business has nothing to do with the previous, highlighting the value of innovation.

Advanced ceramic for airplane industry

Advanced ceramics are widely used in fighter jets
Sanya, Hainan
These ceramic applications include, but are not limited to: altimeters, radio frequency communications (UHF/VHF), alumina metalized GPS antennas, radiofrequency and microwave ceramic components, traffic avoidance collision systems (TCAS), aerospace sensing and imaging ceramic mirrors ( Direct sintering + CVD silicon carbide), local planar array components (metalized silicon carbide), propulsion and control ceramic components (silicon nitride igniter, bushing), aviation heat sink, etc.

Examples of advanced ceramic components for aerospace (Source: CoorsTek)

As early as 1979, CoorsTek’s BENTON was completed and put into production and began to provide services to local and international customers in the aerospace and defense industries. In 2020, CoorsTek spent 26 million US dollars to complete the expansion of the factory. This time is a brand new project with an additional 9 million US dollars on this basis, and 50 new positions will be added in the next few years.

“Expanding the Benton plant is a key step in our CoorsTek long-term strategy to support the development and innovation of the defense and aerospace markets,” said joint CEO Jonathan Coors. “Benton has long been an important manufacturing center for us, and our support and partnerships with local and state governments have always been a driving factor in our desire to continue investing in Arkansas.”

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