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Alumina crucible

Alumina crucible

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Alumina crucible from HE SHUAI factory


Here is the base information about alumina ceramic of HE SHUAI company.

You’ll learn :

  • What’s alumina ceramic?
  • What kind of alumina ceramic we can produce?
  • Alumina ceramic material and features
  • What’s the application?
  • Alumina ceramic processing accuracy.
  • How alumina ceramics are produced?
  • where are our clients of alumina ceramic?
  • How to choose alumina ceramic?
  • How to order it from us?
  • And much more…

What’s alumina ceramic?

2Al(g)+3H2O(g)→Al₂O₃(c)+3H2(g)  and AlCl(g)+3CO2(g)+3H2(g)→Al₂O₃(c)+6HCl(g)+3CO(g)

Alumina ceramic requests

Alumina ceramic, (Al₂O₃). At He-Shuai company, we mainly offer advanced customized alumina ceramics and services to our clients. Alumina ceramic belongs to a kind of industry ceramic. Alumina is its main material. And its feature is high hardness, long-wearing, and only can be formed by diamond grinding. It has a huge range of industrial applications. And the shape has a tube, ring, disc, rod, plate … other special shapes.

Alumina ceramic is a type of ceramic material mainly composed of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), used as an insulating material for electrical components. Alumina ceramic has good conductivity, mechanical strength, and high-temperature resistance. Its characteristics make it one of the most widely used ceramics in structural, wear, and corrosive environments.

Alumina ceramic is usually made from bauxite and can be produced using injection molding, pressing, isostatic pressing, slip casting, diamond machining, and extrusion. Like other important engineering materials such as silicon nitride, alumina can be produced by dry pressing and sintering or by hot pressing with appropriate sintering aids.

What kind of alumina ceramic we can produce?

We have hundreds of normal standard models for your reference. Some of the alumina ceramics have enough stock. but some others haven’t. So, Contact us today if you need a special size .welcome to the custom-made product from He-Shuai Ltd.

Alumina ceramic material specification

Type(类型)Unit(单位)Alumina Alumina Alumina Alumina ZirconiaZirconia
HE SHUAI Company's Material (材料)\Al₂O₃
Colour(颜色)\WhiteWhite, IvoryIvory, WhiteWhiteWhiteYellow
Flexural Strength
Compressive Strength
Modules of Elasticity(young)
Fracture Toughness
MPa·m 1/2----34.55.595.5
Poi sion's Ratio
Hardness HRAHRA788191919088
Vickers Hardness
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
10^-6 K^-16.889.21010
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Shock Resistance
Max Use Temperature
Vol une Resistivity at 20℃
Dielectric Strength
Dielectric Constant


Mechanical strength:

The bending strength of alumina porcelain sintered products can reach 250MPa, and that of hot-pressed products can reach 500MPa. The purer the alumina composition, the higher the strength. The strength can be maintained at high temperatures up to 900°C, as shown in the figure below. Utilizing the mechanical strength of alumina porcelain, device porcelain, and other mechanical components can be made. The Mohs hardness of alumina ceramics can reach 9, plus it has excellent wear resistance, so it is widely used in the manufacture of knives, ball valves, grinding wheels, ceramic nails, bearings, etc., among which alumina ceramic knives and industrial valves are used the widest.

 High resistivity and good insulation:

The resistivity at room temperature is 1015Ω·cm, and the insulation strength is 15kV/mm. Using its insulation and strength, it can be made into substrates, tube sockets, spark plugs, and circuit housings.


With a Mohs hardness of 9 and excellent wear resistance, it is widely used in the manufacture of knives, grinding wheels, abrasives, wire drawing dies, extrusion dies, bearings, etc. When machining automotive engine and aircraft parts with alumina ceramic tools, high precision can be obtained at high cutting speeds.

High melting points and corrosion resistance:

The melting point is 2050°C, and it can better resist the corrosion of molten metals such as Be, Sr, Ni, Al, V, Ta, Mn, Fe, Co, etc. It also has high resistance to the corrosion of NaOH, glass, and slag. Does not interact with Si, P, Sb, or Bi in an inert atmosphere. Therefore, it can be used as a refractory material, furnace tube, glass drawing crucible, hollow sphere, fiber, thermocouple protective sleeve, etc.


Many complex sulfides, phosphides, arsenides, chlorides, nitrides, bromides, iodides, oxides and sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid do not react with alumina. Therefore, alumina can be made into crucibles for pure metal and single crystal growth, human joints, artificial bones, etc.

Optical properties:

It can be made into a light-transmitting material (transparent alumina porcelain) for the manufacture of sodium vapor lamps, microwave rectifiers, infrared windows, laser oscillation components, etc.

Ionic conductivity:

Used as solar cell materials and storage battery materials.

What’s the application?

In the electronics industry, alumina ceramics are used in interconnects, resistors, and capacitors. They are an economical and durable material used for substrates in hybrid integrated circuits, surface mount devices, and sensors. Alumina ceramic cutting tools have the strength and thermal conductivity. Although they are very expensive, disposable materials have been designed using composite materials to be cost-effective and manufactured through sintering and pressing. Alumina ceramics’ high impact resistance makes them suitable for body armor in protective tanks, helicopters, and bulletproof jackets in military applications. Due to their inertness, insolubility in chemical agents, wear resistance, and ability to have a highly polished surface, alumina ceramics can be used as a biological material. They are used in artificial joints, bone spacers, cochlear implants, and dental implants. Tubes and scientific products are also made from alumina ceramics.

Alumina ceramic processing accuracy

Alumina ceramic processing accuracy

How to choose alumina ceramic?

Industrial wear has always been a problem. Different equipment has different wear conditions, and the specific degree is determined by its working conditions. Suitable wear-resistant materials should be selected to solve equipment wear problems.

Nowadays, aluminum oxide ceramics have become widely used wear-resistant materials due to their high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. When selecting wear-resistant ceramics, the conveying method and working conditions of the material should be considered first, generally with pneumatic conveying or material conveying with a large impact force.

In a pneumatic conveying system, the equipment is subjected to greater wear but not much impact force. In this case, wear-resistant ceramics with high hardness should be considered to reduce equipment wear.

In the material conveying a large impact force, such as a large drop, the greater impact force is exerted, and wear-resistant ceramics with better toughness should be selected to resist material impact. Secondly, it is also necessary to consider the properties of the material, the size of the material, etc.

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Where are our clients of alumina ceramic?

Most of our clients came from the European-American market. such as the UK, Germany, Poland, Demark, France, Italy, Canada, the US …etc. But in the few years, Also we have lots of customers from Russia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Japan…etc.

Payment options and client map

How to order it from us?

Firstly, We will get your requests by email, phone calls…etc. Generally speaking, we called it information confirmation, then quote the price base on your requests and make the PI/PO to you. Secondly, Once the order confirmation from you and confirm the deposit in our bank, we’ll prepare the raw material to produce the order for you. Thirdly, The sample or the bulk order will be delivered to you on time after getting through the testing report and show you some pictures to confirm. Just contact us, we have professional service people to follow and help you.

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