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​TT Electronics Introduces New Resistors

​TT Electronics Introduces New Resistors

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by You Ling

New Products Based on Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic Substrates

Aluminum Nitride (AIN) Ceramic Substrate

With the ever-increasing density of electronic components on modern printed circuit boards (PCBs) and applied power, the temperature of individual components and entire devices inevitably starts to rise, so thermal management is becoming more and more important, for which the industry is beginning to Seek solutions from the point of view of material properties. For example, on September 13, the world-renowned electronic components brand TT Electronics announced the launch of its TFHP series of thin-film high-power chip resistors based on aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramic substrates.

“Aluminum nitride-based TFHP with thin film technology precision is a strategic addition to TT’s growing portfolio of power chip resistors,” said Nick Atkinson, senior product line manager at TT Electronics. “The unique value provided by these resistors gives designers the opportunity to reduce component size, minimize temperature rise, and increase the reliability of their high-power analog circuit designs.”