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Application Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensors In Automotive Industry

Application Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensors In Automotive Industry

Application Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensors

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by You Ling

Piezoelectric ceramic sensors have the characteristics of high sensitivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in medical, agricultural, automotive and other industries.

Applications of PZT piezoelectric ceramic

The application of piezoelectric ceramic sensors in the automotive industry is described below:

  1. Traffic monitoring

Polymer piezoelectric cable will be buried in the highway, due to the piezoelectric ceramic cable sensors, piezoelectric can get models classification information (including the number of shaft, wheelbase, wheelbase, single and double tires), speed monitoring, toll station platform balances, stop taking pictures, parking area monitoring, traffic data collection (road) monitoring and airport taxiway auto correction, etc.

  1. Safety protection

Piezoelectric ceramic acceleration sensors, which can be used to detect car collisions, allow airbags to inflate quickly, saving lives.

The piezoelectric ceramic acceleration sensor in the car engine must be very precise when the cylinder is fired.If the ignition time is properly advanced, that is, there is an advance Angle, the mixture of gasoline and air in the cylinder can be fully burned, so that the torque is increased and the discharge is reduced.But when the advance Angle is too large, the mixture gas produces spontaneous combustion, will produce shock wave, a sharp metal knocking sound, known as detonation, may make spark plug, piston ring melting damage, so that cylinder head, connecting rod, crankshaft and other components overload, deformation, can be used piezoelectric ceramic sensor detection and control, is the car to reach the best condition.

Do you know how piezoelectric sensors work?

The working principle of the piezoelectric sensor is based on the piezoelectric effect of some dielectric materials.Piezoelectric sensor is a typical active sensor.When the material is deformed by the force, its surface will have an electric charge, so as to realize the non-electric measurement.

As the name suggests, piezoelectric ceramic sensor refers to the piezoelectric ceramic components as the medium material, when the external pressure deformation is, the surface will generate charge, the piezoelectric sensor can detect the relevant parameters.

According to different materials, piezoelectric components can be divided into three categories: piezoelectric crystals, piezoelectric ceramics processed by polarization, and new piezoelectric materials.

The following focuses on piezoelectric ceramics.Piezoelectric ceramics are made by hand, the powder of special formula, after stirring, pressing molding and become.Piezoelectric ceramics have good piezoelectric effect, large piezoelectric constant, hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.Piezoelectric ceramics are piezoelectric materials formed by special ceramic forming process.The grains inside the material have a lot of spontaneous polarization, there is a certain direction of polarization, thus the existence of electric field.When there is no external electric field, the electric domains are distributed in the crystal