001. Piezoelectric Ceramic Production Process

First step: Preparing materials

Secondly step: Levigation (put all materials into specific machine without leaked.)

Thirdly step: Presintering

Fourthly Step: Dry Pressing   Learn more

002. What’s the piezoelectric ceramic?

Piezoelectric ceramics is a class of electronic ceramic materials with piezoelectric properties. The main difference from typical piezoelectric quartz crystals that do not contain ferroelectric components is that the crystal phases that make up the main component are ferroelectric crystal grains.

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 003. Greetings from He-Shuai Ltd   

We’re here he-shuai Ltd in China and do the business of piezoelectric ceramic industry ….Learn more


004. How many and what kind of raw material of piezoelectric ceramic?

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005. Piezo Pickup – Guitar Applications

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006. Piezoelectric Crystal – Applications

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007. what we have for the piezoelectric ceramics shapes and common size

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008. Custom piezoelectric materials & elements.

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009. Piezoelectric ceramic shapes and sizes.

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010. Piezo electrode patterns

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011.Common tolerances for piezoelectric ceramic / characteriestics

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012. Delivery time for our piezo element ceramic

If you need the goods what we have it in our stock list, we can send it to you within 1-2 working days after confirm the payment. if out of stock, that means, we need produce it on our production line in factory. due to the piezoelectric ceramic production process is same . so it need at least 20-35 days.Of course, you can contact us to get latest info.about delivery time.

013.Custom piezo electric tube ( piezo cylinder)

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014. How to order from us?

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015. How does the piezo igniter work? (piezoelectric igniter works)

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016. What’s the piezoelectric ceramic specifications?

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017.Application of Alumina Ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics and alumina ceramics are the most widely used, most versatile, and most productive ceramic materials for oxide ceramics. click here to know more

018.Electronic Ceramics Industry Terms

In the electronics industry, it is possible to use electrical and magnetic ceramics called electronic ceramics. Electronic ceramics finally obtain ceramics with new functions through the precise control of surfaces, grain boundaries, and dimensional structures. It can be widely used in energy, home appliances, automobiles and so on.

019.Three major sintering stages of alumina ceramics

Piezoelectric ceramics Sintering is a process in the production of alumina ceramics. Before sintering, many things change during sintering and after sintering:
1. Pre-sintering: In this process, the manipulation of air temperature is very critical. As the temperature rises, the body shrinks. However, the density and intensity change are not large, and there is no change in the grain ratio on the microstructure. The stage blank is very easy to split, because the moisture and the binder are eliminated, so pay attention to the heating rate.
2. Incipient Sintering: When there is a small change in temperature, the volume is reduced, and the density is changed very dramatically. Although there is no significant change in the grain ratio in the microstructure, the interparticles are no longer in coarse contact. Also greatly reduced, at this stage the body occurs due to the sintering of the volume reduction, called easy to produce the body split and shape.
3. Late sintering: As the temperature rises, all changes are more in-depth than in the previous step. Alumina ceramics are almost no longer achievable after the changes in density and intensity have reached maximum, and the proportion of grains on the microstructure changes significantly. The smaller, and not connected to each other, constitutes isolated pores, and some of the pores remain in the grains. The grain growth that occurs in the late stage of sintering will cause adverse reactions. In order to eliminate adverse reactions, the common solution is to add additives to grow the grain.

020.The advantages of alumina ceramics

The advantages of electronic ceramic alumina ceramics, why in so many pipelines many people choose wear-resistant ceramic pipe, alumina ceramic is actually because of its advantages, so there are so many people are willing to choose wear-resistant ceramic pipes and ordinary Compared to the pipe, the internality of the pipe is corundum ceramic, so its lifespan can be extended to the maximum during the process of use. It is generally ten or even dozens of times that of an ordinary steel pipe. Such an astonishing figure is heard by many people. There will be sighs, then will the cost of using this kind of pipeline be very low? Of course, because of its longer lifespan, we are able to achieve maximum savings in the economic costs we are most concerned about. Secondly, because it is inherently ceramic, it has the property of not being afraid of high temperature, which determines that we can have a certain degree of thermal stability in the process of its use, and therefore it is not too fussy about the working environment and the nature of the work. . Finally, this kind of wear-resistant ceramic pipe has an advantage in the place where it is welded. Compared to ordinary steel pipe, this kind of pipe can be more solid in welding, so it will be even longer in the service life, let alone worry about it. Any problem occurred during use.
    Because of the advantages of ceramic wear-resistant pipes, many factories and companies will eventually favor this product. And after we use this kind of pipeline, we can achieve the greatest savings in the cost of project cost. Therefore, this is not difficult to explain whether the alumina ceramic pipe can withstand the test?
    Alumina ceramics specializing in the production of wear-resistant ceramic pipe, alloy wear-resistant pipe, organic wear-resistant pipe, non-standard wear-resistant pipe fittings and other series of wear-resistant pipe fittings and wear-resistant pipe products, and has a pipeline engineering design, pipeline measurement, pipeline The installation capacity provides you with the piping and fittings that meet your actual needs for your choice. It also provides guidance on piping design and pipeline construction. It has extensive experience in the application of wear-resistant piping.

021. what’s piezo ignition (piezoelectric ignitor)

Piezoelectric igniter is a kind of manual ignition device which uses piezoelectric effect as the theoretical basis and piezoelectric ceramic as medium. Through the violent impact of two piezoelectric ceramics (at the press of a button), instantaneous high-voltage currents are generated and used in various gas appliances. to learn more

022.How to Find/Choose a good Supplier/Manufacture about piezoelectric ceramic industry in China?

What is alumina ceramic?

             What is alumina ceramic ?

                     And why should you use it?

Finding the right type of ceramic for your project can always be a bit challenging, but alumina ceramic is by far one of the best options that you can find on the market. This is an astounding engineering material, and the great thing about this is that it combines a multitude of electrical and mechanical properties. As a result, you have a plethora of different applications and features that are very impressive, helpful, and downright unique in their own right.


Piezoelectric effect

Piezoelectric effect Welcome to visit this article on He-Shuai Ltd Piezoelectric effect: When some dielectrics are deformed by external forces in a certain direction, polarization occurs inside them, and positive and negative opposite charges appear on the two opposite surfaces. When the external force is removed, it will return to the uncharged state. This phenomenon…


Piezoelectric ceramic sheet

Piezoelectric ceramic sheet is an electronic sounding component. Piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When the AC audio signal is connected to the two electrodes, the piezoelectric wafer will be based on the frequency of the signal. Vibration occurs and a corresponding sound is produced. Working principle editing When a…