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Custom Piezoelectric Ceramic Rings

Custom Piezoelectric Ceramic Rings

PZT ring 001

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We can provide you with all kinds of piezoelectric ceramic rings you need for your project.


The standard size piezoelectric ceramic ring made of PZT4 material suitable for ultrasonic cleaning equipment is as follows: OD X ID X TH: 10x5x2mm 15x7x3mm 25×9.5x5mm 25x10x5mm 30x12x5mm 35x15x5mm 35x15x5mm 35x15x5mm 35x15x4mm 35x15x5.5mm 35x15x6mm 38x13x6.35mm 38x15x5mm 38x15x5mm 38x15x5mm 38x15x5x6mm…

We are a comprehensive solution provider for the piezoelectric ceramics industry. If you have any needs about piezoelectric ceramics, such as the size of piezoelectric ceramics, the functions that need to be realized, please contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

The following is the relevant description of PZT, I hope to help you!

Piezoelectric materials are subjected to external pressure to produce mechanical deformation, and then generate the corresponding electric field;Piezoelectric materials can also produce different degrees of mechanical deformation under the action of electric field.This kind of piezoelectric material with piezoelectric effect, also known as mechanical-electrical coupling effect, has been widely used in aerospace, industrial automation, medical examination, agriculture and other fields.These materials include piezoelectric ceramics, also known as piezoelectric ceramics crystals.

According to the shape of piezoelectric ceramic can be roughly divided into, piezoelectric ceramic disc, piezoelectric ceramic ring, piezoelectric ceramic tube, piezoelectric ceramic ball/hemisphere, piezoelectric ceramic plate and piezoelectric ceramic cylinder and a variety of irregular customer customized piezoelectric ceramic materials.

2.2 Piezoelectric ring ceramic used in perfume atomizing 

ModelPiezo ceramic Dimension (mm)Sheet metal Dimension (mm)Frequency (KHz)Capacitance (nF)Drive voltage

2.3 Piezoelectric ring ceramic (PZT)  chip for industrial ultrasonic cleaner

ModelDimension(mm)Radial frequency (±5%)KHzCapacitanceDielectric dissipation factor  tanδ(%)Impedance (Ω)KrMechanical (Qm)

2.4 Piezoelectric ring Ceramic for Surface Acoustic Wise Touch Screen

ModelDimension (mm)Thickness Frequency (MHz)Electromechanical coupling coefficient (Kt)Dielectric dissipation factor (tanδ)Courier Temperature (℃)Mechanical quality factor (Qm)

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Piezoelectric ceramic PZT-4

PZT4 piezoelectric ceramics have good piezoelectric properties, high mechanical strength, wear-resistant and durable, high stability, good mechanical and electrical coupling performance, low information transmission loss, cheap and efficient, similar to PZT8 characteristics, PZT4 is widely used in the field of intermediate power transmission and reception.PZT4 is widely used in the fields of piezoelectric ceramic motors, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic welding, pressure sensors and high frequency sensors.

Piezoelectric ceramic PZT-5

PZT5 piezoelectric ceramic electronic components have the advantages of high sensitivity and strong piezoelectric effect. As a soft piezoelectric material, they are widely used in various flaw detection instruments, medical ultrasonic probes, fluid sensors, piezoelectric speakers, microphones and other fields.


Piezoelectric ceramic PZT-8

PZT8 piezoelectric ceramics have high mechanical hardness, strong stability, relatively low loss, and can withstand the load of high voltage and high mechanical strength conditions.Therefore, PZT8 piezoelectric ceramic materials are widely used in ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic piezoelectric detectors, piezoelectric ultrasonic motors, piezoelectric ceramic transformers and other high-power ultrasonic radiation piezoelectric sensors and other fields.

Description of piezoelectric ceramic technology

Piezoelectric effect is a property of most materials with asymmetric crystal structure.Quartz and tourmaline, crystalline materials that occur naturally in nature, also have these piezoelectric properties.Artificial synthetic piezoelectric materials include artificial quartz, piezoelectric ceramics, lithium niobium acid, zinc oxide and high polymer piezoelectric film.Another class of materials with these piezoelectric properties is polarized piezoelectric ceramics.Compared with naturally formed piezoelectric crystals, piezoelectric ceramics have crystal structure.The most commonly used piezoelectric ceramics are lead PZT.Compared with single crystal materials, piezoelectric ceramics have many advantages, especially being easy to manufacture in various shapes and sizes.Instead, single crystals must be cut along a certain crystallographic direction, which cannot meet the custom requirements of the customer.

PZT lead piezoelectric ceramics, the crystal structure of the piezoelectric material is the chemical formula of Pb(Zr11xTix)O3 binary piezoelectric ceramics.Piezoelectric ceramics are made up of tiny particles , each containing domains arranged in the polar direction of the cells.Before polarization, the particles and domains are randomly oriented;Therefore, the net pole of the material is zero, that is, the ceramics do not exhibit piezoelectric properties.Applying a sufficiently high DC field (called the polarization process) will Orient the field in the direction of the field and cause residual polarization of the material.