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FAQ-Piezoelectric ceramic questions

FAQ-Piezoelectric ceramic questions

FAQ-Piezoelectric ceramic questions

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Here are some questions that our clients often asked us. If you have any questions regarding the piezoelectric ceramic, alumina ceramic, and zirconia ceramic and our company. Welcome to contact us and submit your question. Also, you can see some answers to your questions.


Where is your company?

Our sales office is in Shenzhen city of China. Very beautiful city. And our factory is nearby Shenzhen. It’s in FoShan, Xinxin City. We would love to invite you to visit our factory and sales office.

Does HE SHUAI company offer design help, or OEM/ODM service to my project?

Yes, Please contact us, salesperson. Email, sales@he-shuai.com

Can you sell piezo ceramic powders, Alumina ceramic powders, or Zirconia ceramic powder?

Generally speaking, we can’t sell any ceramic powders what we have, But we can sell its custom powders based on your requests.

Can you send the goods on time?

That’s a very important thing to deliver the goods on time. Generally speaking, we can make the sample within 7-10days (normal working days) for custom-made piezoelectric ceramic. If for alumina or zirconia ceramic. It will cost 20-25 days for preparation. But sometimes. We have stocks that you need. So we can send the goods to you after confirming the payment in our bank. Of course, there will have some special dates. For example, Chinese National Holidays. You can check the holiday schedule. Try to order it when we’re in the working day. Don’t be late. As we know, that’s our client’s request.

Can you offer FREE samples for my projects?

If you need the sample that we just have in stock, It’s FREE for you. But if you wanna offer the custom-made product from us. You may pay a little charge for the sample. Cause every day lots of our clients asked us the sample.

Can you accept small order?

Yes. MOQ is 20pcs-50pcs. If you need less than the quantity. You’d better contact us

I am a newcomer in the Piezoelectric ceramic/Alumina Ceramic/ Zirconia Ceramic industry. So, What should I do first?

Well, you’d better prepare a question list first, then ask us. Our sales and engineer will reply to you.

What’s your price term with your goods?

Price terms: FOB, CIF, EXW, C&F… both are ok for us.

What’s your payment term?

Payment term: T/T (wire transfer), Paypal, Western Union, Cash…etc. You can talk about it with our sales too.

Can you send me your company bank account?

Yes. Of course. Contact us.

Does HE SHUAI company do the contract or sign the NDA before we order it?

Yes. please. we always did it like that.


piezoelectric ceramics

Piezo/Alumina/Zirconia Technical questions

How do I know your piezo material specification?

We have our own piezo material specification for your reference. Soft material and hard material more than one hundred material in our list. Here you can see it from the “Piezo material specification

Do you have any suggestions about the piezo material application?

Yes, we have lots of experience with different kinds of piezo applications. You can see it here” Piezo material application” If you still can’t find it what you want. Just contact us

How much voltage can I safely apply to the piezo ceramic while still avoiding deploying?

While other factors affect de-poling as well such as physical stress, temperature, duty cycle, etc. a safe voltage range is 5-7 volts/mil (200-280 V/mm) of thickness for SOFT PZT elements, and 15-20 V/mil (600-800 V/mm) of thickness for HARD PZT elements.

What’s the best piezo material for the sensor?

Soft PZT material, like : navy II (PZT-5A = our model 50HD ), Navy VI (PZT-5H= our model 53HD), and PZT-50. Try to have a look at our soft material here.

What about total power? How much power can I apply to HARD PZT elements?

A safe range would be approximately 20 watts/square inch (~3 watts/cm2) of radiating surface area.

How much movement will I get from any given monolithic piezo element?

Displacement = Applied Voltage X d33

How much tolerance for the piezoceramic you can offer?

If you haven’t special requests for tolerance. Our standard : L/W/H/OD/ID is 0.1mm, Thickness is 0.04mm. And we can do more tiny tolerance range. Like :0.002mm. Or frequency: ±1%-2%. Anyway, Please contact us. We mainly offer the advanced customized product service to our clients.