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How to choose a good piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer

How to choose a good piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer

Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by You Ling

How to Identify a Good Piezoelectric Ceramic Supplier: Insights for Purchasers

Experienced purchasers often have their own criteria for determining a good piezoelectric ceramic supplier. However, few people share these insights. We have compiled some questions on how to choose a piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer, hoping to help more people.


1、Characteristics of an excellent piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer:

Possessing exclusive advanced ceramic formulas

Providing piezoelectric ceramic customization services

Having a complete production process in the factory

Owning their production workshop

Fast response and problem-solving capabilities

a、Production capacity: Genuine source factories usually have well-developed production lines and a large number of production equipment, capable of undertaking large-scale production orders.


b、Quality assurance: Source factories generally have their production standards and quality control systems, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.


c、R&D capabilities: Source factories typically have independent design and research capabilities, providing competitive products and solutions for customers.


d、Supply chain management: Source factories usually have close connections with other upstream and downstream industries, skillfully operating and managing the supply chain.


e、Product specialization: For example, if we sell piezoelectric ceramics, all the information on our website is related to piezoelectric ceramics, which indicates an actual factory. If the website contains piezoelectric ceramics and other electronic products, with a wide variety of categories, it is definitely a trading company.


f、Price comparison: The prices of actual manufacturers are generally lower than those of trading companies.


g、Quotation speed: Source factories quote quickly because they are familiar with the products and know the cost. Fake factories, unfamiliar with the products, will take longer to quote as they need to find the source factory for a quote.


h、On-site factory inspection: Trading companies will use various excuses to prevent visitors from entering the workshop, while actual factories allow visitors to look around freely.


2、Customer feedback

To determine whether a supplier is a good piezoelectric ceramic provider, check if they have served some large brands. These large brands have their own strict supplier screening systems. Additionally, supplier evaluations can be understood through customer feedback. Positive customer feedback indicates an excellent piezoelectric ceramic supplier. For example, He-Shuai Company has served large brands such as General Motors and Philips.

3、Successful cases

A good piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer must have operated in the industry for many years and accumulated numerous successful projects. You can judge the excellence of a company based on these successful cases. However, due to customer privacy concerns, not all companies provide this information. He-Shuai Company, for instance, is an excellent piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer with many successful project cases.


In conclusion, to identify a good piezoelectric ceramic supplier, it’s essential to consider the following factors: their unique characteristics such as production capacity, quality assurance, R&D capabilities, supply chain management, and product specialization; customer feedback, especially from well-known brands; and their successful case history. By paying attention to these aspects, purchasers can make an informed decision when choosing a reliable and high-quality piezoelectric ceramic manufacturer.