Client: Hey, I am in Shanghai airport, how can I get to your place?

He-Shuai company:  Do you wanna take it by air or by high-speed rail

Client: Is there any other way?

He-Shuai Company:  You mean by bus ?

Client: If possibble?

He-Shuai company: everything can be possible, but it’s not good way.

Client: Why?

He-Shuai company: Let us tell you which one is suitable for you now.

Client: Ok

He-Shuai Company: Let’s look at the map first.

Way 1#: It has 1460.9km, If you wanna by taxi/bus, it will cost almost 19 hours.

Way 2#: If by air, (the airplane No. HO1151). It only cost 2 hours and 15 mins.

Way 3#: If by high speed rail, It can cost 9 hours and 37 mins.

Client: Oh, I see. What about the charge ?

He-Shuai company:  By bus: RMB 500+

By high speed rail: Two level: RMB 601, One level: RMB 962, It seems has a rail evey 20 mins. Very convenient. ( Price is same for everyday )

By air: Max Cheap: RMB 480, Sometime is about RMB 600 or RMB 800 (everyday is different )

Client:  Thank you, So how can I get to your company when I am in Shenzhen Baoan airport?

He-Shuai Company: Just call /message us, we will pick up you in airport.

Client: Wow, that’s great. See you soon.

He-Shuai Company: See you.

Ok, If you or your friend don’t know how to get some place. please get in touch with your supplier.

How to get from Shanghai to Shenzhen Baoan airport?

That’s simple question for every chinese !