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Install method of multilayer piezoelectric actuator is very easy, but it’s still necessary to have a look this article by us.

let’s see it’s applications first. It has very widely range applications.

 1.Precision mechanics and mechanical engineering

2. Life sciences, Medicine and Biology

3. Pneumatic & Hydraulic valves

4. Nano positioning / high-speed switching

 5.Active and Adaptive optics

6. Areospace industry…..etc

Product features:

  • high loads – up to 10,000 N
  • large displacements – up to 0.15-0.20% of piezo stack height
  • small size
  • bare piezo stacks / encased piezo stacks
  • mechanical pre-stress / no pre-stress
  • co-fired (150 V maximum)
  • discrete stack (150 V / 500 V / 1000 V maximum)
  • Basic (planar face) and spherical endpieces available
  • high dynamic drives
  • high volume production capability
  • custom design and engineering services available
  • amplifiers, electronic switches, other auxiliary apparatus available
  • competitive pricing
  • fast delivery

The material of the product is ceramic material and has brittleness. So, the contact method should be surface contact. Do not use point contact or line contact. When using this product, the output direction and the axial direction of the device must be consistent.

So , let’s look at install method of multilayer piezoelectric actuator

installation method of multlayer piezoelectric actuator

install the piezo actuator

piezo actuator machine

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