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Large size alumina ceramic plunger

Large size alumina ceramic plunger

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What should we pay more a attention for the large size alumina ceramic plunger?

In the process of material transportation in chemical engineering, metal smelting, mining and other industries, the delivery pump often needs to be subjected to the impact of the slurry containing solid particles, the erosion of corrosive processes, and the impact of high-temperature fluids. These working conditions are potentially destructive. , It is easy to have a major impact on the delivery pump, and even affect the normal operation of the delivery pump or cause medium pollution to the transmission medium.

In order to ensure the stable progress of the process, these pump components used in extreme environments, such as the selection of plungers, must not be sloppy. They must have high hardness, high melting point, low wear, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc., otherwise they cannot be supported. The plunger reciprocates in the plunger cylinder for a long time. Therefore, advanced ceramics that can still maintain these characteristics at high temperatures are quite suitable choices. Tests have proved that the high wear resistance of the ceramic plunger is much higher than that of the traditional metal plunger, and it is an ideal substitute for the metal plunger, which greatly extends the service life of related parts.

Among the advanced ceramic materials that can be used, alumina has been widely used as a ceramic plunger material for high pressure, large flow, long-distance transportation of mud, mortar and other slurries due to its advantages of low price and easy availability and stable working performance. For spray dryers, filter presses and other occasions such as variable pressure slurry supply. However, although the performance of the alumina ceramic plunger is stable, it is a vulnerable part after all, and it is a continuous production, so the working cycle is longer. Therefore, the quality requirements are also extremely strict. In addition to the mechanical and chemical properties that need to meet the standards, the later processing Also need to keep improving.

It is reported that due to the process problems of formula optimization, molding, firing and back-end grinding processing have been solved in the production process, the product has exceptional performance, strong adaptability to discharge and working conditions, long service period and easy maintenance; ceramics The plunger has a smooth surface and high processing concentricity, which can meet the requirements of ash pumps with large flow (≥500m3/h), high stroke (60-80 times/min), and large ash particles (≤6mm)