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Molding methods of piezoelectric ceramic

Molding methods of piezoelectric ceramic

Molding methods of piezoelectric ceramic

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by You Ling

You may don’t know how many ways to produce the industry ceramic

Molding methods of piezoelectric ceramic is kind of technology for production process of piezo ceramic product.

Our clients often asked us about what’s your production process. which one is good. And how to choose it for their projects. how’s the quality? what’s the difference with those molding methods? Sometimes, it’s very hard to explain it with words, right? So try to have a look at these format as below:

9 kinds of molding methods for piezo ceramic

Molding methods of different piezoelectric ceramic .

9 ways:

Dry pressing

Cold isostatic pressing

Grouting technology

Tape casting technology

Gel molding

Direct solidification injection molding


Hot die casting

Injection Molding

Different molding method with different molding material requests. You can compare its advantages and disadvantages.

According to the performance requirements, shape, size, output and cost of product. how’s the quality your care about it! So, It’s very important to choose right method for piezoelectric ceramic molding technology .


We. He-Shuai Ltd lived in Shenzhen city of China. Piezoelectric ceramic and piezo actuator are our mainly offering products. As you see, we have piezoelectric ceramic ring ( eg:10x5x2mm for ultrasonic tooth cleaning). piezo plate (for medical device). piezo element cylinder (eg:piezo ignitor for army, or kitchen application). piezo  ceramic disc(eg: for ultrasonic flow meter ) and piezo ceramic hemisphere /ball…etc. The product series : soft PZT material and hard PZT material. (Soft PZT material have: PZT-5, PZT-5H, PZT-5A…) (Hard PZT material: PZT-4, PZT-8…) Most of products are custom-made by our clients from all over the world. Like: American, Germany, France, Canada, England, Korea, Russia ,India … and so on. So if you have any inquiry about Piezoelectric ceramic (PZT). Please try to contact us . For our another custom-made product is advanced alumina / zirconia ceramic. Also we offer the custom-made service for your project.