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Piezoelectric ceramic ring for ultrasonic mask welding machine

In 2020, a new coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out around the world. Millions of people have been infected. The virus is the most serious in China.

But the good news is that the chinese government has controlled it properly. Billions of people are quarantined at home.

At present, the number of infections in Hubei Province has been increased zero in three days. China is a big exporter.  Accounting for 90% of the world’s mask production.  At the time of the outbreak, demand for masks in China was only temporarily out of stock. At a later stage, everyone goes out and wearings masks. With the exception of China, there is an acute shortage of face masks and medical supplies in the global market. Especially in Europe and the United States.

Suddenly,Our production of piezoelectric ceramic rings for ultrasonic mask welding machines has become a best-selling product. And various distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers have begun to purchase. The piezoelectric ceramic rings commonly used in ultrasonic mask machines are PZT4 and PZT8 materials. The ceramic ring sizes are 50x20x5mm, 50x20x6mm, 50x20x6.5mm. For more models, please contact us.