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Piezo ceramic

Piezo ceramic

piezoelectric materials

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by You Ling

What’s piezo ceramic?

Piezo ceramic .Well, simple to understand it. It’s a kind of industry ceramic. That’s different with domestic ceramics. Then we should be know what’s meaning of the piezo.  You can take it as energy transfer. It’s piezoelectric effect.

See the picture as below: (What’s piezoelectric effect?)

piezoelectric effect-

they are smart materials commonly used in mechatronic devices and smart systems. They can be used to sense changes in pressure and strain in the environment and can generate electrical responses.

Then it’s a ceramic. you know, ceramic is easy for broken. The same feature as the domestic ceramics. But Piezo ceramics have lots of piezo material with different performance.  like soft material or hard material (PZT material).

What we do?

We mainly offer the advanced custom piezo ceramic to our clients in the world. Here are more than hundreds piezo ceramic material for your optional.

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