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Piezo igniter

Piezo igniter

Last Updated on March 15, 2023 by You Ling

Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics in piezo igniter

What is piezo igniter?

We often called it piezo igniter, or PZT piezo ignitor element, also someone called it piezoelectric ceramic cylindricity. is used for all sorts of applications, which need a spark. You can use it on heavy appliances, and even fun science projects. There is no limit to its use when it comes to the piezo igniter. It is used with an easy-to-use button, that can be easily fixed, along with a detachable ignition cable. The Piezoelectric igniter can strike more than 100’000 sparks and can light any type of ignitable gases, propane, oxyacetylene, butane, etc. Its long wire keeps your out with it, as it feels like a static electricity shock. of harm’s way, it is not harmful to the body if you get shocked .

How piezo igniter works?

A piezo igniter works by using the piezoelectric effect, which is the ability of certain materials to generate an electrical charge in response to a mechanical force. In a piezo igniter, a piezoelectric crystal is sandwiched between two metal plates. When a user presses a button or trigger, a spring-loaded hammer strikes the crystal, generating a high-voltage electric charge. This charge is then transferred through a wire or cable to an electrode, which is placed near the gas or fuel mixture that needs to be ignited. The electric charge ionizes the gas, creating a spark that ignites the mixture, and produces a flame. Piezo igniters are commonly used in gas-powered appliances such as stoves, ovens, and water heaters, because they are reliable, easy to use, and do not require a separate power source or fuel.

Which piezo elements can be used for piezo igniter?

Piezo igniters typically use piezoelectric ceramic elements, which are made from a type of ceramic material that exhibits the piezoelectric effect. These elements are typically shaped like a disc, cylinder, or rectangular block, and are often made from materials such as lead zirconate titanate (PZT), which is a common ceramic used in piezo applications. The specific type of piezo element used in a piezo igniter depends on the requirements of the application, such as the size and shape of the element, its resonant frequency, and the amount of force needed to generate a spark. In general, piezo elements that are optimized for high electrical output and durability are preferred for use in piezo igniters.