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piezo plate with PZT-5A

piezo plate with PZT-5A

piezo plate with PZT-5A

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1. What’s this?

For piezoelectric plates, we can offer the shape of both rectangle and square piezo ceramic. and here are more than hundreds of hard materials and soft materials for your reference. Generally speaking, the piezo plate tolerance can be requested at 0.1mm, thickness tolerance is 0.04mm. Also, we can offer more tiny tolerance requests for our clients.

1.1 Why we are the reliable supplier of the piezo Plate?

  • Have 20+ years of experience engineers service for you
  • Good production machines produced a good product
  • Top 10 leading piezo ceramic suppliers in China
  • Fast delivery for samples/small orders: 7-10 working days
  • Offer 100% testing report for every piece based on ISO9001 Quality system
  • Tiny tolerance requests: Fr 2%~5%
  • More than one hundred piezo materials for your optional
  • Offer free samples for your reference if we have them in stock
  • Piezoceramic shapes and tolerance range for your optional

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2. How many piezoelectric plate models do you have?

We have normal standard models for your reference. Please check our standard PZT material piezo ceramic plate list. Or contact us if you need a special size that you haven’t found it in the list .welcome to the custom-made product from He-Shuai Ltd.

Piezo retangle with hard piezo material from HE SHUAI LTD PZT-5H-navy-VI-piezo-plate-manufacture Piezo Bar 001

2.1 Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

2.1-1Piezoelectric ceramic discs 

Outer Diameter:2mm~180mm (≈0.07874″~7.0866″) Thickness: 0.1mm~25mm (≈0.00394″~0.9843″)depending on Material

2.1-3 Piezoelectric plate 

Length: 2 ~ 100mm (≈0.07874″~3.937″)            Width: 2 ~ 100mm (≈0.07874″~3.937″)
Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 15mm (≈0.0079″~0.59″) depending on material, length, and width

2.1-2 Piezoelectric ceramic rings 

Outer Diameter: 2mm ~ 160mm (≈0.07874″~6.2992″)
Inner Diameter: 1mm ~ 144mm (≈0.03937″~5.6692″) depending on OD & thickness
Thickness: 0.2mm ~15mm (≈0.00787″~0.59″) depending on material

2.1-4 Piezoelectric cylinder 

Outer Diameter:2mm~180mm (≈0.07874″~7.0866″) Thickness: 0.1mm~25mm (≈0.00394″~0.9843″)depending on Material                                      High: 0.2mm-30mm (≈ 0.00787″~1.18″)depending on Material

Piezoelectric  plate Ceramic for Surface Acoustic Wise Touch Screen

ModelDimension (mm)Thickness Frequency (MHz)Electromechanical coupling coefficient (Kt)Dielectric dissipation factor (tanδ)Courier Temperature (℃)Mechanical quality factor (Qm)
HS-T7110204011.5x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7120204012x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7130204013x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7140204014x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7150204015x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7160204016x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7170204017x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7190204019x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
ModelDimension (mm)Frequency  (KHz)Capacitance (pf)Dielectric loss tgδ(%)Piezoelectric voltage coefficient d33Courier temperature (℃)
HS-P5A25040525x4x0.5585800≤ 2.0550x180
HS-P5A40040540x4x0.5387900≤ 2.0550x180
HS-P5B25040525x4x0.5584800≤ 2.0400x260
HS-P5B40040540x4x0.5386500≤ 2.0400x260
HS-P5H25040525x4x0.5583100≤ 2.0280x350
HS-P5H40040540x4x0.5385500≤ 2.0280x350

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3. What are the application markets?

piezoelectric plate ceramic’s application market is very board range in all over the world. like: Automotive industry, Military industry, Consumer, medical industry, pickup audio, computer … etc.

If you want to know more details about the application in different kinds of industries, click here!

4. Where is your customer from?

Most of our clients came from the European-American market. such as UK, Germany, Poland, Demark, France, Italy, Canada, the US … etc.  But in the few years, Also we have lots of customers from Russia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Japan … etc.

5. How can I order it from you?

Firstly, We will get your requests by emails, phone calls … etc. Generally speaking, we called it information confirmation, then quotation the price base on your requests and making the PI/PO to you. Secondly, Once the order confirmation from you and confirm the deposit in our bank, we’ll prepare the raw material to produce the order for you. Thirdly, The sample or the bulk order will be delivered to you on time after getting through the testing report and show you some of the pictures to confirm. Just contact us, we have professional service people to follow and help you.

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