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piezo plate with PZT-5H material

piezo plate with PZT-5H material

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piezo plate with PZT-5H material

Product picture dimension: L/W 72x72x0.5mm, Tolerance: L/W±0.1mm, TH :±0.04mm

No. Fr
1 737.50 855.00 388.80 64520

Piezoelectric  plate Ceramic for Surface Acoustic Wise Touch Screen

ModelDimension (mm)Thickness Frequency (MHz)Electromechanical coupling coefficient (Kt)Dielectric dissipation factor (tanδ)Courier Temperature (℃)Mechanical quality factor (Qm)
HS-T7110204011.5x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7120204012x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7130204013x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7140204014x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7150204015x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7160204016x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7170204017x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
HS-T7190204019x2x0.45.5±5%0.40.65285≥ 800
ModelDimension (mm)Frequency  (KHz)Capacitance (pf)Dielectric loss tgδ(%)Piezoelectric voltage coefficient d33Courier temperature (℃)
HS-P5A25040525x4x0.5585800≤ 2.0550x180
HS-P5A40040540x4x0.5387900≤ 2.0550x180
HS-P5B25040525x4x0.5584800≤ 2.0400x260
HS-P5B40040540x4x0.5386500≤ 2.0400x260
HS-P5H25040525x4x0.5583100≤ 2.0280x350
HS-P5H40040540x4x0.5385500≤ 2.0280x350

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