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Piezo Sound Pickup Transducer

Piezo Sound Pickup Transducer

Piezo Sound Pickup Transducer

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by You Ling

Piezo Sound Pickup Transducer 

Are you looking for piezo sound pickup transducer? Or you want to learn more knowledge about piezoelectric pickup audio?

Let’s try to understand it here…..

Generally speaking, the piezo sound pickup for acoustic guitar.

Audio Sound Transducers include both input sensors, that convert sound into and electrical signal such as a microphone, 

and output actuators that convert the electrical signals back into sound such as a loudspeaker.

What about the pickup (music technology)?

A combination of microphone and a piezoelectric pickup typically produces better sound quality.

And less sensitivity to feedback. As a compared to single transducer, However, this is not always the case. A less frequently used combination is a piezoelectric and a magnetic pickup.

  1. Magnetic soundhole pickup
  2. Undersaddle pickup
  3. Soundboard transducer pickup
  4. Microphone pickup


1.Low power consumption
2.  Infrequent distortions
3. Long service life

Scope of applications

  • Sound pick-up

Model Dimensions Resonant frequency Electrical capacitance Impedance
L×W×T [mm] [KHz] [pF] [KΩ]
HS16-1.6-0.55-1 16×1.6×0.55 5.0±0.5 1000±300 ≤45


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