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Piezo Spheres & Hemispheres

What’s this?

Piezo spheres ( Piezo hemispheres) is kind of piezoelectric ceramic. The shape have sphere, hemisphere, and focus bowl.

He-Shuai Ltd mainly offer the advanced customized piezoelectric ceamic to clients from all over the world.

We have more than 10 years experience as exporter. So you know, most of piezoelectric spheres for medical technology.

Especially for the HIFU piezo for medical device. Cause piezoelectric spheres offer high sensitivity and durability.


What we can do ?

We can produce different kinds of shapes, demensions requests piezo ceramic for you.

Geometry variations 

(collar, flattening, phases, spheres with or without hole . )

HIFU ceramic

 ( with customer’s specific curvity )

Electrode requests

( wrap-around or laser structuring )

Frequency requests


Contacting by soldered strands or wires




Piezo spheres & Hemisphere, Bowl Specification 

Demension ( mm) Spheres Hemisphere Focus Bowls
OD 2-100 2-100 2-130
ID > 1 > 1 > 1
TH 0,2 – 20 (depending on OD and ID)
H     Max.50
Electrodes     PVD Thin Layer: CuNi, Au, Ag



Piezoelectric Ceramic Catalogue Video 


We’re happy to share with you our piezoelectric ceramic catalogue. With the video pattern.Here more than hundreds of models for your reference.We would love to offer the “OEM” order service for you.

Here are our piezoelectric ceramic products in showcase.

Most of piezo ceramic are custom-made by our clients.

Piezoelectric ( PZT )ceramic manufacture :