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piezoelectric flow meter

piezoelectric flow meter

piezoelectric flow meter - piezo disc with wire

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by You Ling

Product name: This is a piezo disc for piezoelectric flow meter

Picture dimension: OD10xTH1.00mm ( 2Mhz)

Tolerance: Fr 2MHz ±5%

Piezo Material: PZT-51 soft material

Electrode material: Silver, Wrap.

Specification :

No. Fr:
1 2.00 2.19 10.41 1364.9 481


Let’s have a look at, what we can offer you?

We’re a professional piezoelectric ceramic supplier in Shenzhen city of China.  The sales and engineers both are nice people with more than 10 years of experience in the piezo industry. We’re young and interesting.

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Piezoelectric ceramic

1.Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

Here you can see our piezoelectric ceramic series as below, the common shape ( like Piezo ring, tube, plate, rod, disc, sphere, half-moon…etc.), and more special shapes for your reference. At present, we can offer the piezo ceramic with an ultrathin dimension of 0.1mm ( about 20MHz). And the width/ diameter can be reached 200mm. We mainly offer advanced customized piezoelectric ceramic services to our clients from all over the world. So you’re more than welcome to custom your products from us.

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How can I order it from you?

Firstly, We will get your requests by email, phone calls…etc. Generally speaking, we called it information confirmation, then quotation the price base on your requests and making the PI/PO to you. Secondly, Once the order confirmation from you and confirm the deposit in our bank, we’ll prepare the raw material to produce the order for you. Thirdly, The sample or the bulk order will be delivered to you on time after getting through the testing report and show you some pictures to confirm. Just contact us, we have professional service people to follow and help you.