PZT-41 piezoelectric ceramic 3x3x4mm

PZT-41 piezoelectric ceramic 3x3x4mm

PZT-43 piezoelectric ceramicΦ63.5×Φ50.8×12.7

PZT-43 piezoelectric ceramicΦ63.5×Φ50.8×12.7


curved/cambered/tile piezoelectric ceramic


PZT-41piezoelectric ceramic 50x5x5mm

PZT- piezoelectric ceramics 82Φ10.033×Φ4.95×2.997

PZT- piezoelectric ceramics 82Φ10.033×Φ4.95×2.997

Piezoelectric ceramic PSnN-5 piezoelectric ceramic disc Φ5×0.5

PSnN-5 piezoelectric ceramic disc Φ5×0.5

PZT piezoelectric ceramics 50x3mm from He-Shuai Ltd

PZT-43 piezoelectric ceramicΦ50×3

piezoelectric cylinder PZT-52Φ20.5×Φ17.5×25

piezoelectric ceramic cylinderPZT-52Φ20.5×Φ17.5×25 


PZT-82 127×86.36×2.2 Piezoelectric ceramics disc

PZT-piezoelectric ring 30x10x3mm

PZT-52 piezoelectric ceramics-Φ30×Φ10×3




PZT-4 Φ90×3mm halfshpere/semisphere piezoelectric ceramic


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   PZT piezoelectric ceramic custom made service

                      Advanced alumina & zirconia ceramics material


He-Shuai offers a large number of standard products and solution based on piezo technology. This includes piezo ceramic components and elements as well as piezoelectric ceramic.Our goal was to offer you high quality products for the best price in the market. Our production line is mostly used in appliances found in the industrial area, such as pilot burners, gas appliances, boilers, barbecues, and hot water heaters. As most of our products are used in these ranges, does not imply that they are limited to just those specific areas. We also offer artillery igniter of military, audio pick up, and some are so tiny that they are used in alarm clocks. If you haven’t find the size what you need piezo product, Here you can click these pictures to ask us for PZT piezoelectric ceramic custom made service as below:  or contact us directly by form.

Alumina ceramics are ceramic materials based on alumina (Al2O3) for thick film integrated circuits. Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. It should be noted that ultrasonic cleaning is required. Alumina ceramics is a versatile ceramic. Because of its superior performance, it has been widely used in modern society, satisfying the needs of daily use and special performance.

Zirconium oxide ceramics are white in color and yellow or gray when containing impurities. They generally contain HfO2 and are not easily separated. There are three crystal states of pure ZrO2 under normal pressure. The production of zirconia ceramics requires the preparation of powders with high purity, good dispersion, ultrafine particles and narrow particle size distribution. There are many preparation methods for zirconia ultrafine powders. The purification of zirconia mainly includes chlorination and thermal decomposition, and alkali metals. Oxidative decomposition method, lime melting method, plasma arc method, precipitation method, colloid method, hydrolysis method, spray pyrolysis method, and the like.

Piezo igniter

Piezo igniter

Piezo igniter 1. What’s this ? We often called it piezo igniter, or PZT piezo ignitor element, also someone called it piezoelectric ceramic cylindricity. is used for all sorts of applications, which need a spark. You can use it on heavy appliances, and even fun science projects. There is no limit to its use when…