Piezo ceramic ball

piezo ceramic ball

1. What’s this ?

Piezo ceramic ball. From this words. It’s easy for understand. You will know that it’s piezoelectric material with ball shape. Piezoelectric ceramic ball has very large applications. Underwater acoustics is a key underpinning technology for offshore oil and gas industry.

In wikipedia, Learn more the official explaination about the piezoelectric ceramic tube.


2.How many piezo ceramic ball models you have?

We have normal standard models for your reference. Please check our standard PZT piezoelectric ball list. Or contact us if you need special size what you haven’t find it in the list .welcome to custom made product from He-Shuai Ltd.


2.1 Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

2.1-1  Piezoelectric ceramic discs 

Outer Diameter: 0.250″ – 2.000″
Thickness: 0.008″ – 0.400″ depending on Material

2.1-3 Piezoelectric plate 

Length: 0.080″ – 1.900″
Width: 0.080″ – 1.900””
Thickness: 0.008″ – 0.400″ depending on material, length, and width

2.1-2 Piezoelectric ceramic rings 

Outer Diameter: 0.250″ – 2.000″
Inner Diameter: 0.070″ – 0.750″ depending on OD & thickness
Thickness: 0.008″ – 0.400″ 
depending on material

2.1-4 Piezoelectric cylinder 

Outer Diameter: 0.350″ – 0.900””
Length: 0.150″ – 0.450″
Thickness: Minimum of 0.040″

Piezo ceramic ball common size Model & Specification

Piezo ceramic hemisphere dimension range:

OD: 10mm

WT: 1mm

Capacitance: 5000pF

Tg: 2%

Fr: 160 Khz

Piezo spherical standard size as below:

OD: 5-40mm

WT: 0.5-3mm

Caliber: 5-8mm

Max. Radius : approx. 50mm


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3. What’s the application markets?

PZT piezoelectric ceramic’s application market is very board range in all over the world. like: Automotive industry, Military industry, Consumer, medical industry, pickup audio, computer … etc.

If you want to know more details about the application in different kind of industries, click here !

application market of piezoelectric ceramic

4.Piezoelectric ceramic ball applications?

  • underwater sound span positioning
  • communications
  • navigation
  • echo-sounding
  • geophysical surveying
  • water quality measurement
  • sonar, weapons system
  • tomographic measurement of ocean currents and temperature

5. Where is your customer from about piezoelectric ceramic tube?

Most of our clients came from Europen-American market. such as: UK, Germany, Poland, Demark,France, Italy ,Canada, USA … etc.  But in the few years, Also we have lots of customers from Russia, Korea, India, Pakistan,Japan … etc.


6. How can i order it from you?

Firstly,We will get your requests by emails, phone calls … etc.Generally speaking ,we called it information confirmation,then quotation the price base on your requests and making the PI/PO to you. Secondly, Once the order confirmation from you and confirm the deposit in our bank, we’ll prepare the raw material to produce the order to you. Thirdly, The sample or the bulk order will be delivery to you on time after get though the testing report and show you some of pictures to confirm. Just contact us, we have professional service people to follow and help you.

how to order piezo product from us. He-Shuai company.

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