PZT piezoelectric ceramic

custom-made PZT piezoelectric ceramic

1.What’s the custom-made service of PZT piezoelectric ceramic?


PZT piezoelectric ceramic  can also be custom-made to your own requirements.it has lots of sharps and size for your reference. We supply the piezoelectric ceramic in a broad range of custom-made sharps and size, and high quality lead zirconate-titanate raw materials, and carefully machined to tight tolerances.

Generally speaking, the PZT piezoelectric ceramic have some of normal standard sharps, like : ring, half moon, disc, cylindrical,plates,ball,and cuboid…etc. What about theelectrodes arrangement? that means, the electrodes on the same side or electrodes on the each side. if it is on the same side, the technology will be more difficult.

He-shuai Ltd will design and build PZT piezoelectric ceramic devices specific to clients applications,if we have the model in our stock what you just requests one of PZT piezoelectric ceramic, then we can send you the free sample. if you have special requests, moreover we haven’t stock in our warehouse, then you need pay for a little mould charge,we will supply soldered leads, thighten standard product tolerances and provide electrical testing reports.

In wikipedia, Learn more the official explaination about the  PZT piezoelectric ceramic


2.How many models you have?

we have hundreds of normal standard models for your reference.Some of PZT piezoelectric cermaic have enough stocks,but some of others haven’t. So, Contact us if you need special size .welcome to custom made product from He-Shuai Ltd.

2.1   PZT Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

2.1-1  Piezoelectric ceramic discs 

Piezo Disc Outer Diameter: 0.250” – 2.000”
Piezo Disc Thickness: 0.008” – 0.400” depending on Material

2.1-3 Piezoelectric plate 

Piezo Plate Length: 0.080” – 1.900”
Piezo Plate Width: 0.080” – 1.900”

Piezo Plate Thickness: 0.008” – 0.400” depending on material, length, and width

2.1-2 Piezoelectric ceramic rings 

Piezo Ring Outer Diameter: 0.250” – 2.000”
Piezo Ring Inner Diameter: 0.070” – 0.750” depending on OD & thickness
Piezo Ring Thickness: 0.008” – 0.400”
depending on material

2.1-4 Piezoelectric cylinder 

Piezo Cylinder Outer Diameter: 0.350” – 0.900”

Piezo Cylinder Length: 0.150” – 0.450”
Piezo Cylinder Wall Thickness: Minimum of 0.040”

application market of piezoelectric ceramic

3. What’s the application markets?

PZT piezoelectric ceramic’s application market is very board range in all over the world. like: Automotive industry, Military industry, Consumer, medical industry, pickup audio, computer ….etc.

If you want to know more details about the application in different kind of industries, click here !

4. But I want know more it?

  • The PZT piezoelectric ceramic is used for all sorts of applications, which need a spark. You can use it on heavy appliances, and even fun science projects. There is no limit to its use when it comes to piezo igniter. It is used with an easy to use button, that can be easily fixed, along with a detachable ignition cable. The Piezoelectric igniter can strike more than 100’000 sparks, and can light any type of ignitable gases, propane, oxyacetylene, butane, etc. Its long wire keeps your out of harm’s way, it is not harmful to the body if you get shocked with it, as it feels like a static electricity shock.
  • You can use the Piezo ignitor to light up portable camping stoves, lighters, gas grills, hot water heaters, etc. It is a small product that can easily fit into your life. Piezo ignition can work in both cold and hot weather conditions, as it is tested to even work in subfreezing conditions. The Piezo element igniter is preferred over other products because it is small in size, comes with a low assemblies cost, offers impact activation, along with squeeze activation, offers the production of large volume capability, is offered at competitive price, and offers fast and reliable delivery. It is mostly used on household appliances, cigarette lighters, gas barbecues, water heaters, etc. It is a compact system, that comes with a low price tag, compared to similar products in the market. It incorporates permanent magnets, and even high voltage capacitors and transformers.
  • PZT Piezoelectric ceramic materials can be found in a wide selection at He Shuai Ltd. We manufacture piezoelectric ceramic materials, which we base on modified led zirconatetitanate, along with barium titanate. There are two type of piezo ceramics “soft”  and “hard”, they are referred according to the mobility of domains or dipoles. Therefore, the depolarization and polarization behaviour varies. There are no external electric connectors required, and wires are only used to locate the sparks location. Wires are not always a part of the equation, as they are sometimes connected to a ignitor button, and other times attached to a knob. A single electric spark is created every time someone presses the button or turns the knob. Which keeps it safe to use, as you have control over its use.
  • The most common products appliances Piezoelectric products are used in are house hold appliances such as:
  • Kitchen gas appliances
  • Hot water heater
  • Pilot burning
  • Water boiler
  • Electric Barbecue
  • Etc
  • The appliances mentioned above are the most common home appliances piezoelectricity is found in. But it is not only restricted to the items mentioned above, it is also commonly used in:
  • Artillery igniter of military
  • gas barbecue grills
  • cigarette lighters
  • audio pickups
  • Etc

5. Where is your customers?

Most of our clients of PZT piezoelectric ceramic came from Europen-American market. such as: UK, Germany, Poland, Demark,France, Italy ,Canada, US…etc.  But in the few years, Also we have lots of customers from Russia, Korea, India, Pakistan,Japan…etc.


6. How can I buy it from you?

Firstly,We will get your requests by emails , phone calls…etc about the PZT piezoelectric ceramic.Generally speaking ,we called it information confirmation,then quotation the price base on your requests and making the PI/PO to you. Secondly, Once the order confirmation from you and confirm the deposit in our bank, we’ll prepare the raw material to produce the order to you. Thirdly, The sample or the bulk order will be delivery to you on time after get though the testing  report and show you some of pictures to confirm. Just contact us, we have professional service people to follow and help you.


7. How’s the quality?

Custom made PZT piezoelectric ceramic have very board range applications. such as , it is used in portable camping stoves, gas grills and some lighters,and potato cannons,which in short, is the electric charge that accumulates in some materials in respnse to high pressure. So its technology request is very strictly.For every progress, making sure to have enough time for firing.Look, We have professional technology people to test it one by one. the tolerance can be +/-0.01mm. We also make the wood carton to protect it when it deliverys to you. Moreover, you will have 12 months warranties from purchase date,and the thirdy quality service to check our quality before shipment.

any questions for PZT piezoelectric ceramic ? Add whats up: +86-1-33-92803780