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Related Applications of PZT8-Piezoelectric Ceramic ring

Related Applications of PZT8-Piezoelectric Ceramic ring

What's PZT-8 datasheet?

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by You Ling

PZT8 Piezoelectric Ceramics :30x15x3mm

External diameter :30 mm

Inner diameter:r 15 mm

Thickness :3 mm

Material: PZT8

Uses: Constitute the core part of ultrasonic welding machine, piezoelectric ceramic PZT8 material is widely used in ultrasonic welding machine sensor.

The higher QM value of the ultrasonic sensor, the better the performance, but the QM value is affected by the resonant impedance R, so the better the effect of the ultrasonic sensor, that is, the higher the QM value, so the smaller the resonance resistance R, the better.

Ultrasonic transducer needs to be matched with the appropriate circuit.The fixed frequency line must resonate with the ultrasonic transducer at the same frequency at the resonant point, so the force of the vibration is maximum, and the deviation from the excitation impedance the resonant frequency point will become larger, and the actual QM value will be reduced, the output will not be very good.Piezoelectric ceramic PZT8 has its own frequency and capacitance temperature coefficient.


When the ultrasonic transducer starts working, the temperature increases, the P8’s frequency increases, and the capacitance increases, which changes with the circuit during the process.


The oscillation frequency value is F0, so the oscillation frequency of the circuit can be resonated at the same frequency as the resonant frequency point of the ultrasonic transducer, which can be realized through fine-tuning dynamic operation or temperature rise. The welding machine has excellent performance, which can guarantee a large amount of output, not easy to heat, impact resistance, and the quality of this sensor is very good.And CT, should be moderate.It shows that the greater the dielectric constant is, the greater the energy field loss will be, and the heat will be generated easily. The heating of insulating ceramics will be reduced, the application capacity and electrical performance will be missed, and the output will be small.If it is too small, the piezoelectric strain constant D33 is very small, the amount of deformation and the action of the electric field will produce less energy, then the Q value will be small when the energy is sent to the welding machine, and the welding effect will not be good.


PZT8 ultrasonic welding machine converts electronic energy into mechanical energy by ultrasonic vibration, and transmits energy to the surface contact surface by welding head (HORN), causing intense friction between molecules and molecules, and making the product melt and combine into one body instantly. The processing speed is fast, clean, beautiful and economical.Therefore, ultrasonic welding machine is widely used in industry.