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Several Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics in Automobile Field

Several Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics in Automobile Field

In recent years, with the rapid increase of car ownership in China, people have higher requirements for vehicle safety and comfort. The piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics can realize the functions of sensing, driving, vibration isolation and noise reduction in the automotive field, and can meet the requirements of automotive safety and comfort.

1、Application in automotive sensing field

An ordinary family car is equipped with dozens to nearly a hundred sensors, while the number of sensors on a luxury car can reach more than 200. As far as piezoelectric ceramic sensors are concerned, piezoelectric ceramic knock sensors, ultrasonic sensors, acceleration sensors, etc. are common.

2、Application in automobile driving field

Using the converse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric actuators can be made to drive electric rear-view mirrors, electric windows, electric seats, etc. in the automotive field.

3、Application in the field of automobile vibration isolation and noise reduction

An active mount is designed to reduce the large vibration of the engine at idle speed by using piezoelectric ceramics. Its principle is to use piezoelectric ceramics to drive the large piston in the mount. The movement displacement of the small piston connected to the large piston amplifies the displacement of the piezoelectric ceramics, so as to obtain the large displacement required for vibration reduction at idle speed, which plays a good role in suppressing the engine vibration at idle speed.

4、Application of plc in tire pressure detection system

The power generation characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics make it possible to passivate the tire pressure monitoring system. The piezoelectric ceramics installed in the tire are continuously squeezed by the continuous squeezing effect during the tire rotation. According to the positive piezoelectric effect, the piezoelectric ceramics can continuously generate electricity and provide energy and power for the pressure monitoring system.

5、MLCC is widely used in automotive electronics

The application of MLCC in automobiles includes satellite positioning system, central control system, radio navigation system, body stability control system and ADAS system. All kinds of systems have great demand for MLCC. The demand for MLCC varies with the degree of electrification, and the number of MLCC required for a pure electric vehicle can reach 18000.

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  • red is an electrode (+), and black is the cathode (-)
  • 15MPa
  • 20MPa