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Ten Typical Applications Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers Are Introduced

Ten Typical Applications Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers Are Introduced

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by You Ling

Piezoelectric ceramic transducer

 The piezoelectric ceramic transducer is composed of piezoelectric ceramic plate and light and heavy metals. It has piezoelectric effect after polarization treatment at certain temperature.Piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer has long been in people’s research field of vision, it is easy to manufacture, can be controlled strongly, high sensitivity, good mechanical and electrical coupling.Transducers based on piezoelectric ceramics include power ultrasonic transducer and detection ultrasonic transducer.

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As a new type of sensitive element, piezoelectric ceramic transducer has been widely used in recent years.Here are 10 typical applications of transducers in detail.

  1. Piezoelectric switch:     Piezoelectric ceramic transducer is used in a variety of special conditions as piezoelectric switch, control a variety of lifts, special precision control instruments.With a 1.5N trigger to generate a voltage pulse, through a special circuit can excite the ceramic transducer and CMOS circuit to generate electromechanical conversion.
  2. Ink Printing Nozzles: Transducers can be used in noise-free high-speed telecommunications printing heads to independently control 13 Virit porcelain tubes, using the shrinkage of the inner diameter to shoot ink from the nozzle with a diameter of about 20μm.
  3. Piezoelectric micro displacement device: using the transducer of rapid reverse action, used to schedule 0.1 mm high, effect is put 2 mn (200 KP) valve, open time for 10 Μ s.
  4. Video Flip-flop: Bending vibration piezoelectric ceramic transducer for resetting the position of the video head in VCR equipment, with high sensitivity of more than 1μm/ V.
  5. Piezoelectric gyroscope: it is the use of vibration surface (X axis), maintain the vertical Y axis attached to the side of the piezoelectric element, can be used to detect the rotation direction of the Z axis of Coriol force, this piezoelectric vibration gyroscope is applied to prevent the hand vibration of the camera, has been practical.
  6. NEC uses piezoelectric ceramic transformer to make AC-DC converter, the main performance of the converter is: input voltage of 80-140VAC, load current of 0-2A, stable output DC voltage of 9V, the highest efficiency up to 87%.According to the test results of the reflected noise between the input terminals, the noise is very small, which can fully meet the allowable limit value of VCC1 class B group.
  7. Piezoelectric ceramic relay: the displacement amplitude of the piezoelectric ceramic laminating element is large, which can be used to open and close the contact.In the range of small relays, in the case that it is necessary to control with about 1/100 of the electric power that the electromagnetic relays can control as the driving power, the piezoelectric ceramic relays have only DC loss, so the necessary electric power under normal state can be greatly reduced.
  8. Ultrasonic cleaning machine: now a variety of industrial, medical, household equipment is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machine.Ultrasonic cleaning machine is produced in the lotion of ultrasonic vibration, the wash is soaked in this lotion is washed, cleaning mechanism lies in the effect of ultrasonic vibration cavitation and promote the physical and chemical reaction.The frequency used can be selected according to the size and purpose of the cleaning material 10-500 kHz, generally 20-50 kHz.At the same time, the cleaning effect is also related to the type of cleaning fluid and temperature.Magnetostrictive vibrators were mostly used in the low frequency range in the past, but because of the popularity of screw clamped Langze vibrators, piezoelectric ceramic transducers began to be widely used.With the increase of frequency, rangi vibrator, longitudinal vibrator, thickness vibrator and so on can be used.In terms of miniaturization, there are also those using radial vibration and bending vibration of wafer vibrators.
  9. Ultrasonic processing machine: Ultrasonic processing machine can be used to process all kinds of hard and brittle materials.The corundum and other fine abrasives mixed with water, together with the ultrasonic processing mold, with a certain pressure added to be processed on a variety of objects, can be processed into the same shape as the mold.The vibration displacement of 15-40 micron is generated at the frequency of 15-40 kHz during processing.In order to increase the amplitude, piezoelectric ceramic vibrator and cone are generally used to form a transducer.This kind of cone is mostly pure exponential curve type, according to the use, the application purpose is different, other kinds of special-shaped cone also gets the practical application.In the ultrasonic higher processing machine can also be used screw clamping type Langzivan to achieve high power, such as the production of 10 kHz, 10 kW energy exchange vibrator.In addition to drilling and cutting, ultrasonic vibration can also improve the accuracy and efficiency of ordinary cutting tools.In addition, the lap of integrated circuits, plastic welding and other processes can also be used with a cone piezoelectric vibrator to carry out.
  10. Electronic sphygmanometer: it is the use of a piezoelectric transducer to accept the pressure of the blood vessel. When the air bag is pressurized and compressed the blood vessel, the piezoelectric transducer can not feel the pressure of the blood vessel because the external pressure is higher than the vasodilation pressure;When the air bag is gradually deflated, the pressure of the piezoelectric transducer on the blood vessel decreases, and when it reaches a certain value, the pressure of the two reaches a balance. At this time, the pressure of the piezoelectric transducer by the blood vessel is the systolic pressure of the heart, and the indicator signal is sent out through the amplifier.Electronic sphygmomanometer can reduce the labor intensity of medical staff because of the cancellation of stethoscope.

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