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The secret of ultrasonic

The secret of ultrasonic

The secret of ultrasonic

Last Updated on October 24, 2022 by You Ling

Piezoelectric ceramic in ultrasonic applications.

Ultrasonic motors are now used in many high-tech industries. For example, aerospace vehicles are often in very harsh conditions, so it has strict requirements on the system. The use of ultrasonic motors is a good choice. There are also ultrasonic motors that are used repeatedly on some precision instruments, robotic joint drives, micro-mechanical micro-actuators, and maglev trains under NMR conditions.

The main reason why ultrasonic motors can accomplish so many “difficult actions” is due to its structure and characteristics. It is mainly made by utilizing the characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic sheets. And this is the “secret weapon” we are talking about here.

Piezoelectric ceramic sheets, also known as buzzer sheets, are an electronic sounding element. It utilizes the working principle of piezoelectric ceramics. A piezoelectric ceramic dielectric material is placed between two copper circular electrodes. When the AC audio signal is connected to the two electrodes, the piezoelectric chip will be based on the frequency of the signal. A vibration occurs and a corresponding sound is produced. Piezoelectric ceramic sheets are widely used in electronic appliances such as toys, pronunciation electronic watches, electronic instruments, electronic clocks, timers, and ultrasonic motors because of their simple structure and low cost.

Also pay attention to the process of use: to make it good closed, to prevent the intrusion of dew, rain and dust. The piezoelectric ceramic is fixed to the inside of the top of the metal case. The base is fixed to the open end of the case and covered with resin. For ultrasonic sensors used in industrial robots, accuracy is required to be 1 mm and strong ultrasonic radiation is required.

It can be said that its practicality is a combination of ordinary and high-end, ordinary and luxurious. Let all walks of life feel its existence.