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What’s ultrasonic transducer?

Ultrasonic Transducer. It’s a device that can convert high frequeny electrical energy into mechanical enery. The power supply is output to the ultrasonic generator, and then to the ultrasonic transducer, usually through the ultrasonic export device to generate ultrasonic waves.


  • Large amplitude
  • High efficiency
  • Low heat
  • Stable output unaffected by variations in load
  • Competitive price


How’s working of ultrasonic transducer?

It is using the characteristics of ultrasound. Ultrasound is a mechanical wavve with higher vibration frequecny than sound waves. It is generated by the vibration of the transducer chip under the excitation of voltage.

Problems testing by yourself

1. When the ultrasonic vibrator is damp, the plug connected to the transducer can be checked with a megohmmeter. And the basic situation can be judged by checking the insulation resistance. Generally, the insulation resistance is more than 5 trillion ohms. If the insulation resistance value is not reached, usually the transducer is damp, you can put the whole transducer (excluding the plastic spray shell) into the oven and set it to dry at about 100℃ for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to remove moisture until the resistance value is normal.

2. The transducer vibrator is ignited and the ceramic material is broken, which can be checked with the naked eye and megohmmeter. Generally, as an emergency treatment measure, individual damaged vibrators can be disconnected without affecting the normal use of other vibrators. Vibrator degumming, our transducer is the use of cementation, screw fastening double guarantee process, in general, this situation will not occur. Stainless steel vibration surface perforation, general transducer full load use for 10 years may occur vibration surface perforation

Typical Applications of Piezo Ultrasonic Transducers

Piezo ultrasonic transducers are used in a wide range of applications In both commercial and industrial environments, these devices allow ultrasonic cleaning apparatus to work effectively — even in the most demanding and delicate of activities, such as in ultrasonic jewelry cleaning.

In healthcare applications, piezo ultrasonic transducers provide capabilities such as the ultrasonic breaking up of kidney stones and the removal of dental plaque. In addition, they’re used to conduct precise measurements to identify flaws and other anomalies detected between the transmitters and receivers of ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducers

ultrasonic cleaning is to use physical effects. such as cavitation, radiation pressure, and acoustic current when ultrasonic waves are propagated in the cleaning liquid, to peel off the dirt on the cleaning parts, and at the same time promote the chemical reaction between the cleaning liquid and the dirt.

Model Resonant Frequency(KHz) Maximum Ultrasonic Power(W) Static Capacitance(pF) Resonant Impedance(Ω) Dimension(D*Hmm) Piezeceramics Operating Temperature(℃)
HS-40-28 40/28±0.5 60W 4800±10% ≤20 40*54 PZT4 80

Pressure Transducers

The metallic portions of a composite transducer should have the same acoustic properties and cross-sectional area as the ceramic portion. Both metallic parts can be constructed from the same material or combination of materials, or the two parts can be made from materials with divergent properties. Potential construction materials include steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, bronze, and brass. 

For maximum energy transfer from the transducer to the solvent in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, a composite ultrasonic transducer usually is a half-wavelength transducer with a resonance frequency of 20 kHz or 40 kHz. The electroacoustic efficiency of a composite ultrasonic transducer has an inverse relationship with the electromechanical coupling factor and the various quality factors of the components.

Ultrasonic Welding Transducers

There are two types of ultrasonic welding: ultrasonic metal welding and ultrasonic plastic welding.

Model Resonant Frequency(KHz) Maximum Ultrasonic Power(W) Static Capacitance (pF) Resonant Impedance (Ω) Dimension (D*Hmm) Piezeceramics
HS-6015-4P8 15±0.5 2600 9000-10000 ≤20 350*74 PZT8
HS-5020-4P8 20±0.5 2000 11000-12000 ≤20 255*63
HS-3828-4P8 28±0.2 800 6000-7500 <30 180*48
HS-3535-4P8 35±0.2 800 6000-7500 <35 150*40
HS-3040-4P8 40±0.2 500 6000-7500 ≤20 124*35

Ultrasound weight loss

Zocch i from Italy used ultrasonic degreasing for the bed for the first time and succeeded, setting a precedent for plastic surgery and beauty. Ultrasonic fat removal technology has developed rapidly at home and abroad.

Ultrasonic breeding

Applying appropriate frequency and intensity of ultrasonic irradiation to plant seeds can increase the germination rate of seeds, reduce the rate of mildew, promote the growth of seeds, and increase the growth rate of plants. According to information, ultrasound can increase the growth rate of some plant seeds by 2 to 3 times.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The ultrasonic transducer is used to receive the pressure of the blood vessel.

Telemetry and remote control

In toxic, radioactive and other harsh environments, people cannot approach work and need to be controlled remotely; electrical switches

Traffic monitoring

In modern transportation, it is very necessary to automatically monitor the passing and counting of vehicles in order to grasp the operating conditions of vehicles.


Ultrasonic distance measuring device is also called sound ruler.

Leak detection and gas detection

For pressure systems, at leaks, jet noise is caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the pressure vessel.

Information Collection

To realize functions such as freely walking in space and recognizing objects.