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What are the new trends of Japan’s advanced ceramic enterprises in 2020?

What are the new trends of Japan’s advanced ceramic enterprises in 2020?

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Due to the increasing demand for semiconductor and electronic parts in the market, Kyocera of Japan is expected to invest up to 150 billion yen in equipment in 2021, exceeding the investment of about 100 billion yen in 2020 and hitting a new high. Due to the rapid expansion of the demand for 5G related ceramic packaging and organic packaging, the factories that decided to invest include Kagoshima Kawauchi plant and Vietnam plant for ceramic packaging production, and Kyoto Ayami plant for organic packaging production. All three facilities will add new production lines to existing facilities. In addition, starting from next year, Kyocera is also considering to set up a new plant in Vietnam.



  1. Announced at the beginning of 2020, in order to cope with the expansion of demand related to the new generation of communication standard “5G”, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will increase the production of electronic components. It is planned to build a new production plant in Okayama Prefecture in December 2020 to increase the supply of raw materials for the main ceramic parts. Major factories in Shimane Prefecture and Thailand are also expanding their factories to speed up the demand for components due to the full launch of 5G and the high density of electronic products.
  2. Murata announced that it has developed an all-solid battery with an industry-leading capacity, and won the Prime Minister’s Award in the 49th Japan Industrial Technology Awards. Solid state batteries are expected to be widely introduced into wearable devices and small IoT products due to their unique high safety and durability. Murata’s solid-state battery will also contribute to industrial development and society by virtue of its originality and advanced nature. According to the Chinese powder net learned from village Tian Zhongguo that murata production is the manufacture of the solid-state batteries, the use of technology is the result of murata production is main products (such as multilayer ceramic capacitor and multilayer components, etc.) for many years development and accumulation of manufacturing technology, and combined the murata development that accumulated in the process of a variety of sophisticated electronic components materials technology. It is “non-flammable” and “heat-resistant” by using oxide ceramic electrolytes instead of the electrolyte used in normal batteries.
  3. The second factory of Murata Electronics is officially put into operation. After the project is put into operation, this Japanese-funded enterprise, which has been deeply engaged in Wuxi for 25 years, will rush toward the target of annual marketing revenue of 10 billion yuan. Wuxi murata electronics co., LTD. Is a murata electronics in China’s largest production base, murata electronics now has become a global ceramic capacitor, filter, high-frequency components such as the industry leader in electronic products, murata electronics factory ii project in November 2018 to start the construction, the new project with a total investment of over $600 million, 118000 square meters of new land, the first phase of construction area of 130000 square meters, the main factory building was completed in June, after all project put into production, will produce 80 billion patch type ceramic capacitor, the new annual sales of about 4 billion yuan.



Showa Denko (SDK) has announced the start of supply of samples of moisture-resistant and heat-conducting aluminum nitride packing for semiconductor devices. According to the evaluation results, compared with the unmodified aluminum nitride powder, after the surface treatment of the powder hydrolysis release of ammonia gas significantly reduced, down to 1/10000. The SDK is now offering samples, with plans to start mass production in 2023.


A zinc battery that can be used as an emergency power source in offices and commercial facilities will be available for sale by 2021. The zinc battery has the advantages of very low fire risk and can be installed indoors. At present, emergency power generally uses diesel engines and other generators. However, affected by the global “decarbonization” trend to strengthen the impact of solar power generation as the center of renewable energy is gradually popular, and zinc battery can meet the growing demand for supporting batteries. With its superior ceramic technology, NGK INSULATORS has launched an offensive in the field of batteries. Enercera, a chip-based ceramic battery developed by Japan’s Hoko, is expected to be used in cars and other applications, with high heat resistance. In addition, the Morimura group of four companies (Noko, Toto, Japan Special Ceramics Co., Ltd.) collaborated on the commercialization of a new fuel cell “solid oxide fuel cell” (SOFC) with low environmental load.


Japan Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. ‘s newly built second and third plant for high thermal conductivity silicon nitride ceramic heat dissipation substrate was officially completed. The new plant is a large-scale silicon nitride ceramic substrate production base invested and constructed since November 2018. Upon completion and opening of the new plant, the company plans to ramp up production at the new plant as demand increases, and plans to commercialize insulating and cooling substrates with thermal conductivity up to 1.5 times the current level. According to China Powder Network, silicon nitride ceramic substrate is an important insulating part of power semiconductor module, the substrate can effectively dissipate the heat generated by power semiconductor electronic equipment. The silicon nitride ceramic insulation radiating substrate manufactured by Japan Fine Ceramic Co., Ltd. has high thermal conductivity (80 to 90 W), excellent mechanical properties and insulating properties, which can be used as an insulating radiating substrate for power semiconductors of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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