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What is Piezoelectric Bimorph

What is Piezoelectric Bimorph

Last Updated on April 29, 2023 by You Ling

1、What is a piezoelectric ceramic bimorph?

The piezoelectric ceramic bimorph is a device that replaces traditional bimorphs with a design that uses ceramics and metal (polymer/carbon fiber) in a ceramic-ceramic-metal structure. This design produces a greater output than a regular bimorph. The piezoelectric ceramic bimorph consists of two layers that deform when an electric voltage is applied, with one layer contracting and the other layer expanding. These bimorphs are manufactured using extrusion and co-firing techniques, which ensures high reliability. Piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs can be made into various shapes of piezoelectric actuators, including piezoelectric disk actuators and piezoelectric bender actuators.

Piezoelectric bimorphs are widely used in acoustic detection, ultrasonic motors, filters, accelerometers, laser beam deflectors, adaptive optical systems, optical choppers, and biosensors. In recent years, with the development of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), piezoelectric bimorphs are increasingly used as micro-actuators and micro-sensors, and are widely used in MEMS piezoelectric energy harvesters.


2、Characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs:

Multi-layer full ceramic technology

Sub-micron resolution

Low voltage driving, high output

Low power consumption, resistant to magnetic field interference

Suitable for vacuum environments

Customizable size/voltage


3、Working principle of piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs:

The free end of the piezoelectric bimorph can bend and produce displacement, and the amplitude and direction of displacement have a functional relationship with the applied bias voltage. They can be used in applications such as lead bonding, electrical switches, beam deflectors, valves, and accelerometers. The piezoelectric bimorph has three pre-installed leads and can be supplied without a substrate or with a pre-installed substrate. The surface has electrical connection terminals that can connect three electrodes, with each electrode connected to a lead. The electrode connected to the red lead should be positively biased and marked with a silver + sign. When only one layer is biased, the bimorph works in single-sided voltage control mode, limiting the displacement of the bimorph to one direction. When different biases are applied to the upper and lower layers, the displacement of the bimorph can be directed upwards or downwards. Do not apply a bias voltage greater than 150 V between the two leads, as this will damage the bimorph.


4、Reference price of samples of piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs

Product: Piezo bimorph

Piezo Material: PZT-5H

Size: 24mm x 3mm x TH 0.1mm / piezo layer *2

Without shim in the middle of each layer

Silver electrode: 0.5um-0.6um

Gluing Epoxy: TH0.01mm

The price ranges from a few dollars to twenty dollars according to the order quantity

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5、Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramic Bimorphs

In piezoelectric sensor applications, piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs generate electrical signals in response to mechanical inputs, such as force or pressure. In piezoelectric transducer applications, piezoelectric ceramic bimorphs can receive electrical or mechanical inputs and produce electrical or mechanical outputs as desired.

Piezoelectric bimorph actuators, with their fast response time and low power consumption, have a wide range of applications. In industrial applications, piezoelectric bimorph actuators are used in automatic lubrication systems, opening and closing valves, and operating pumps. The piezoelectric bimorphs are responsible for triggering the mechanical response when activated by a charge. Commercial and industrial controllers, switches, and machinery also use piezoelectric bimorph actuators to produce precise results. In household applications, piezoelectric bimorph actuators are used to generate sound in microwave ovens, alarms, buzzers, and speakers.