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What is PZT-5H

What is PZT-5H

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by You Ling

There are many types of piezoelectric materials, each with different properties. Because PZT 5H is a commonly used piezoelectric material, we have written a specific article to introduce PZT-5H.


  • What is PZT-5H
  • PZT-5H vs PZT-5A
  • Characteristics of PZT-5H
  • Application of PZT-5H
  • The application case of He-shuai company PZT-5H


1、What is PZT-5H

PZT 5H is a type of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) piezoelectric ceramic material. PZT 5H is a modified version of PZT 5A and is a commonly used PZT material. PZT 5H has a Curie temperature (the temperature at which the material’s piezoelectric properties disappear) higher than PZT 5A, making it suitable for high-temperature applications.


PZT 5H has a high piezoelectric charge constant, making it suitable for applications that require high sensitivity. It also has a high mechanical quality factor, which means it can vibrate at low energy loss at high frequencies.

Piezo ring PZT-5H
Piezo ring PZT-5H

2、PZT-5H vs PZT-5A


PZT-5A: Due to its high impedance, high sensitivity, and high stability at increasing temperatures, this product is mainly used in hydrophones or precision instruments.


modelMaterialKpK31K33Ktε Tr3Tg δ%d31 (-10-12m/v)d33(-10-12m/v)g31(-10-3m/v)g33(-10-3vm/n)Se11(-10-12m2/n)QmVρ(103kg/m3)Tc(℃)YE11﹤109N/m3σ E


PZT-5H: Has higher sensitivity and dielectric constant than PZT-5A, and other properties similar to PZT-5A, but its Curie temperature is significantly lower than PZT-5A, thus its temperature stability is limited.


modelMaterialKpK31K33Ktε Tr3Tg δ%d31 (-10-12m/v)d33(-10-12m/v)g31(-10-3m/v)g33(-10-3vm/n)Se11(-10-12m2/n)QmVρ(103kg/m3)Tc(℃)YE11﹤109N/m3σ E


Both PZT-5H and PZT-5A are piezo soft material. Some of company named it as navy VI and navyII. In He-Shuai company ,our model 5H is 53HD, 5A is 50HD.


3、Characteristics of PZT-5H

PZT-5H is soft piezo material, also called navy VI.

Our company(he-shuai) model is PZT-53HD

Piezoelectric chips for Medical ultrasonic


4、Application of PZT-5H

PZT 5H is commonly used in various applications, such as in sensors, transducers, and actuators that operate at high temperatures. It is also used in non-destructive testing, ultrasonic cleaning, and high-frequency medical imaging applications.


5、The application case of He-shuai company PZT-5H

Below are some of our pzt-5 material products:

Piezo ring PZT-5H-3PZT-5H piezo ceramic ring


PZT-5H mini. piezo ceramic disc OD 3 x 0.25mmPZT-5H mini. piezo ceramic disc OD 3 x 0.25mm


PZT-5H piezo block No polingPZT-5H piezo block No poling

PZT-5H-navy-VI-piezo-plate-manufacturePZT-5H Piezo plate