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Oil & Gas Detection

Oil & Gas Detection

Oil & Gas Detection

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by You Ling

Liquid and gas ultrasonic flowmeter

Piezoelectric ceramic also can be used in oil and gas detection applications.

An oil drilling downhole vibration power generation method and device, which is characterized in that a vibration cavity, a battery box and an instrument box are formed in the inner wall of the short joint connected with the drill pipe. The vibration cavity is composed of a plurality of longitudinal vibration cavities and transverse vibration cavities. The inner wall of the vibrating cavity is distributed with piezoelectric ceramic sheets for converting the vibration energy transmitted by the percussion hammer into electrical energy. The piezoelectric ceramic sheets store the generated electrical energy in the battery assembly for use by downhole instruments. The percussion hammer is in the spring. Work stably and lastingly under the support of the film. The invention has the advantages of being able to directly use the vibration energy in the well to generate electricity, without the need to provide electric energy on the ground, and the device is small in size and easy to install and process. The invention is suitable for generating vibration energy in petroleum drilling engineering.

Piezoelectric disc Ceramic (PZT) for Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ModelDimension (mm)Thickness frequency (MHz)Capacitance (pf)Electromechanical Kpcoupling coefficient KtPiezoelectric voltage coefficient d33Courier temperature (℃)
HS-5AF08010Φ8 × 12.0MHz±5%530±10%0.650.43350×350
HS-5HF08010Φ8 × 12.0MHz±5%850±10%0.640.44400×330
HS-5AF08020Φ8 × 21.0 MHz±5%265±10%0.650.43350×350
HS-5HF08020Φ8 × 21.0 MHz±5%430±10%0.640.44400×330
HS-5AF10010Φ10 × 12.0 MHz±5%840±10%0.650.44350×350
HS-5HF10010Φ10 × 12.0 MHz±5%1350±10%0.640.43400×330
HS-5AF10020Φ10 × 21.0 MHz±5%420±10%0.650.44350×350
HS-5HF10020Φ10 × 21.0 MHz±5%680±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF15010Φ15 ×12.0 MHz±5%1970±10%0.650.43350×350
HS-5HF15010Φ15 × 12.0 MHz±5%3200±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF15020Φ15 × 21.0 MHz±5%980±10%0.660.43350×350
HS-5HF15020Φ15 × 21.0 MHz±5%1600±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF16010Φ16×12.0 MHz±5%2200±10%0.650.45350×350
HS-5HF16010Φ16×12.0 MHz±5%3600±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5HF16020Φ16 × 21.0 MHz±5%1850±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF16020Φ16 × 21.0 MHz±5%1100±10%0.650.45350×350
HS-5AF20010Φ20×12.0 MHz±5%3560±10%0.660.43350×350
HS-5HF20010Φ20×12.0 MHz±5%5800±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF20020Φ20×21.0 MHz±5%1780±10%0.650.43350×350
HS-5HF20020Φ20×21.0 MHz±5%2900±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF25010Φ25 × 12.0 MHz±5%4600±10%0.660.43350×350
HS-5HF25010Φ25 × 12.0 MHz±5%7500±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF25020Φ25 × 21.0 MHz±5%2300±10%0.650.43350×350
HS-5HF25020Φ25 × 21.0 MHz±5%3700±10%0.650.45400×330
HS-5AF40020Φ40 × 21.0 MHz±5%7200±10%0.650.45350×350