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Piezoelectric ceramic

1.Piezoelectric Ceramic Crystals: Common Shapes and Sizes

Here you can see our piezoelectric ceramic series as below, the common shape ( like: Piezo ring, tube, plate, rod, disc,sphere, half moon…etc.) and more special shape for your reference. At present, we can offer the piezo ceramic with ultrathin dimension to 0.1mm ( about 20MHz). And the width/ diameter can be reached 200mm. We mainly offer the advanced customized piezoelectric ceramic service to our clients from all over the world. So you’re more than welcome to custom your products from us.

2.Alumina Ceramic and Zirconia Ceramic

Also we produced the alumina ceramic and zirconia ceramic to our clients. Alumina (AL2O3 material from 85%-99.6%) both we have. Zirconia ceramic mainly are white zirconia and yellow zirconia . Here you can find high quality alumina/zirconia ceramic product for your projects.

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