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Common shapes and sizes for piezo ceramic
Frequency,Size and Tolerance
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2024
2023 Meeting room of HE SHUAI
Choose the right piezo material
It’s easy to order from us
It’s about Shenzhen city as our sales office
Part videos of Factory production
HE SHUAI 2021 Company PPT
Merry Christmas -2021-Ms.Coco Liao
Product introduction by Coco .2022
Piezo Ring
Piezo disc with solder wire
96% alumina ceramic tube
Hemisphere piezo ceramic
Piezo composites disc 1-3
HIFU piezo ceramic with hole
Mini piezo disc -20Mhz
Ping ring
Piezo wafer actuator
99% alumina ceramic disc
Piezo composites 1-3 40x40mm
Piezo actuator
PZT-5A piezo ring
Piezo disc OD 12 x TH 0.5mm
Piezo sheet with bullseye silver electrode
Piezo cylinder 4x 25mm-100mm with soldering wire
Pink 96% alumina ceramic – Customized product
PZT ring customized product-Thickness wall is only 1.5mm
Piezo disk OD 20mm x TH 1mm with wrapped electrode
piezo composites 1-3
It’s easy to make the solder wire by semi-machine