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Piezo definition

Piezo definition

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by You Ling

What’s piezo definition?

When we say the piezo definition, Generally speaking. it’s piezo effect.

When certain dielectrics are deformed by external forces in a certain direction. polarization will occur inside them. And at the same time, opposite positive and negative charges will appear on its two opposite surfaces. When the external force is removed. It will return to an uncharged state. This phenomenon is called the positive piezoelectric effect. When the direction of the force changes. The polarity of the charge also changes. On the contrary. when an electric field is applied to the polarization direction of the dielectric . these dielectrics will also deform. After the electric field is removed.  The deformation of the dielectric disappears. This phenomenon is called the inverse piezoelectric effect. A type of sensor developed based on the piezoelectric effect of a dielectric is called a piezoelectric sensor.

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